Do It Yourself

My haircut lady phoned me last weekend to tell me she’s getting out of the business. She started working out at the mall at the beginning of the summer and I knew she didn’t like it there. I asked her if she meant the mall or cutting hair altogether. She said she was trying to get another business started. The styling job was too slow.

If you’ve ever seen my hair you’d wonder why I’d pay someone to cut it. I cut my own hair for years and years after I gave up that horrible Carol Brady shag I had in college. (Barely exaggerating – the haircut was so awful I don’t even think it was funny. I burn any photos I run across. I’m so grateful there was no Facebook back then.)

I started seeing my current person back when I was trying to improve my style and I wanted to get highlights or a weave or some fancy thing I thought was a good idea. I liked it at first but it cost a lot of money and took forever to do. I don’t have the patience to invest a lot of time into vanity.

Then I went back to my regular boring hair but I like my person so I still went to see her for a cut and style every other month. I don’t know the exact timeline, I think I’ve been with her 10 years. She’s moved salons at least six times. The mall was the sixth.

I hope it all works out for her. Meanwhile, I’m cutting my own hair again.

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