Sharpening My Knives is Not A Euphemism

I accomplished a lot of things this weekend but not as many as I wanted. I made another batch of tomato sauce today and froze in serving-appropriate packages. I also did a small batch of applesauce but just for eating. I didn’t want to deal with canning today. Now I’m cranky and I have two more things I want to do before bed.

I still can’t find my camera battery charger. I keep thinking when I clean off a shelf or tidy up a drawer, it’s going to appear but so far no luck. I’m going to have to figure it out soon because ye olde camera battery is wearing down. I’m guessing the best way to find it would be to buy a new one.

Portland Cutlery went out of business at the beginning of the year. I got my knives sharpened there. I was sorry to see it go. I bought a bunch of stuff when they were clearing out. I still wish I had bought those steak knives.

Now I don’t know where to get my knives sharpened. There’s a chain store at the mall but I’m afraid they just have a machine in the back and the kid sticks the knife in and waits for a buzzer to go off and then comes back out and charges you $8. I haven’t investigated. This is a story I’ve invented as an excuse not to go to the mall.

I should learn to sharpen knives myself. Because you know, I really need one more thing for the weekend list.

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