Guns … In Space

Possibly my favorite photo of me ever taken: I’m holding Uncle Barry’s hunting pistol which I’ve just used to ruin that chair. I’m wearing my Clarion West t-shirt and you can see my notebook and pen in my pocket. Writing research! I’ve written a couple of stories that concerned guns and I know nothing about them. OR, I knew nothing about them. I got to shoot a bunch of different guns on the trip. It was really fun. My main note was: guns are loud.

We’re back!

And we had a fabulous trip.

Hopefully I’ll write more and post about it later. I have some notes but I can’t find them right now. My entire life seems to consist of things I intend to do later.

Short version: we swam and visited with fun people. We ate lots of stuff. We went for long walks, many of them involving steep hills. We went to parties. Really great trip.

I intended to write a long post about it today but somehow never got around to it. We took today off because it’s our 13 year anniversary.

NewlywedsI intended to post a new wedding photo but I don’t know where the photos are and the scanner is put away. This is the photo I posted at our ten year.

Today we slept in and then went out to breakfast for crepes. I had the Nutella and bananas which was fantastic and also my sugar allowance for about 3 months. I felt fantastic and talked really fast for a couple of hours and then crashed pretty hard. We did our grocery shopping and then in the afternoon I made green sauce using the tomatillo stash from the yard.

I also peeled and sliced up all the cucumbers for a salad I never finished.

This evening we went out to an event with the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce. We walked over there and tried out foods and wines and had a really fun time.

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