A Sandwich Tragedy


I don’t think I can make this into a story but I’m going to try.

There’s a local sandwich shop that co-worker (jeez, I need to update his page for his stalkers) and have been to several times with great success. I ate a sandwich there once that I said should have its own national holiday.

Last time we went there we both got the same thing and it was a delicious but terribly greasy sandwich. The filling was greasy, the condiments were fatty and the thing was served grilled in grease. I barely finished two-thirds and co-worker finished his.

Neither of us felt right again for two days. I don’t think there was any flaw in the sandwich, I think it was just grease overload. But now we’re all traumatized about this sandwich place and this particular type of sandwich. Every time we try to think of something good for lunch this place comes up and then we shake our heads and say we’re not ready to go back.

A sandwich tragedy.

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