Clarion West Begathon Final Wrap Up

Vancouver, WA, Franklin Park looking towards the Columbia River.

Words this week: 3296
Total for 6 weeks: 22,148
Submissions this week: 2
Total for 6 weeks: 4 *

*When I made this goal my intention was to submit two brand new things that had never been submitted before. However, during the 6 week period I ended up revising two different things to be resubmitted. So technically I submitted 4 things. But I only submitted one brand new thing never submitted before and I actually did that about 15 minutes ago which is being pretty generous with the cut off since the workshop ended yesterday. But at my house the week started on Sundays which means the last day of the week would be Saturday. Yeah, I like to make my own rules. That’s why I want to be in charge of everything.

Thanks again to everyone who supported the cause. That URL one more time is

I re-read my post from yesterday and it’s nearly incoherent. Like my revised Beg-A-Thon Rules.

More photos from the new pocket camera:

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