First Dahlia Photos of the Season

You could stumble upon any month of July in the archives and see the same dahlia photos. But I never grow tired of taking pictures of them.

I ran out of the house early this morning to get food for the weekend. I should have timed it about fifteen minutes earlier for perfection. The madness was quickening while I was in there. Tan people in tank tops and shorts throwing beer and hamburger buns into their carts.

That was me except for the tan part. I haven’t been tan since the eighties. Actually I didn’t buy buns either because I think those squishy things are nasty. I’m going to make these.

According to the hippie gardening book, my potatoes are ready for harvest. I thought they’d be bigger.

I have about six more plants. I’m going to leave the rest of them in there and see what they do. Meanwhile, these will become the world’s stingiest potato salad tomorrow. I’ll add a bunch of green beans or something.

How did people stay alive when they had to grow their own food?

I’m still not sure what I’m making tomorrow so I bought a lot of scallions. I figure they fill in for anything I’m missing. I think it’s going to be burgers using this article for inspiration, the tiny potato salad and some sort of lentil/grain salad that I will make up at the last minute. And lemon buttermilk ice cream.

I’m feeling ambitious now. Let’s see how I feel tomorrow.

Here’s my giant tomato plant. I think this is the Roma. I was going to photoshop myself standing next to it and looking up at its vastness but I’m too lazy.

Time for writing. Week 2 Beg-a-Thon update tomorrow.

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