Sorry for the Inconvenience

Photo courtesy of arrangingmatches

I actually like our office but I’m still going to complain about it.

One of the elevators in our building is out again. I swear this place is held together with chewing gum. According to our tenant info packet it was built less than twenty years ago which isn’t such a long time. But it feels like Logan’s Run meaning like it was someone’s idea of what would look futuristic but now, less than twenty years later, that curved hallway with the slick white walls looks drab and silly. Maybe I’ve got it wrong because there’s something else here in the supporting materials about art deco.

Regardless I’m certain the elevators were salvaged from some ancient heap of debris and on a good day fulfill the bare minimum requirements for elevator safety. The elevator doors either close on you hard enough to make you yelp, or they stay open forever so that you and the strangers who are hoping to get down to the lobby in one piece get to share this endless awkward moment where you start to wonder if you’re being punkd.

The sent us a notice recently about the building maintenance costs going down. At the same time the soap in the restroom started to come out of the dispenser like slightly sudsy dishwater and the paper towels seemed to become flimsier. I wonder where else they’re cutting back.

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