Has That Been Proven?

Where’s the “make your scones look pretty” photo tutorial?

Sometimes I worry about my inability to deal with things.

This morning I planned to go offsite for writing. I packed up my Clarion West bag and headed for the local coffee shop. It was jam-packed to the rafters with soccer moms and golf dads and loud like a high school gymnasium. I stood at the door and told myself to buck-up but there was not even a desperation seat available.

I got back in the car and headed home because no one was there. Not like I didn’t have a decent writing space. But then I decided to try another spot and in the midst of this revelation I got caught up in some bizarre traffic hell in the middle of my own backwoods piece of suburbia. Where were all these cars coming from? To give myself a teeny out, I am hormonal.

I went home. I hadn’t eaten anything or had my tea because I was looking forward to a tall Chai and a baked treat, something I rarely have for breakfast because I usually eat boring healthy things like fruit and yogurt. But now that I was home I didn’t want boring healthy stuff so I dug around in the freezer for the last Trader Joe’s Mac & Cheese because that sounded really good. Only it wasn’t there because someone else had eaten it.

So now I was all in a snit again so I decided to bake scones. Then I ate three. I showed them.

Now I was all ploddy with scones and grumpy and this entire day for writing seemed like a wash. But I sat down at the computer anyway and Kira was online and we rallied for a writing date and I stayed in the chair until 6pm when I finally stopped for dinner. So a potentially crap day, totally salvaged.

Yesterday a ginormous storm zoomed through town. I kinda knew something was coming but it was weird sitting in the backyard and seeing the trees suddenly bend over sideways. The photo in no way captures the chaos.

I have been terrified of thunder and lightening storms, as in trembling under the comforter weeping, until fairly recently in my adult life. There were numerous times when some clear headed individual would take me aside and tell me how ridiculous my fear was and try to explain to me what thunder is all about. I didn’t care if it was unicorns bumping into candy canes. I still thought it was scary.

I’m not sure what changed that but now I kind of like them as long as I’m not in the middle of a field standing next to a tree made of metal. We didn’t get hit too bad at my house but the wind was crazy and we had one good rumble that went on and on while I looked out the window. After it was over I went into the backyard and found rose petals strewn everywhere and two of my tomatoes keeled over on their sides. I talked to them like they were injured family, “Hang on!” and I re-staked them and I think they’re going to make it. I’ll put them in cages later this weekend.

It was nice having such a long warm, dry streak but it’s also nice having the yard watered by itself.

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