And They Were All Bees

We have this giant green bush in our front yard and today it was a giant vibrating house of bees. I tried to take a photo but it just looked like a big green bush so I tried this close up. Regular bees don’t scare me but I am absurdly terrified of wasps.

I’ve needed to put the cages on the tomatoes. I normally don’t wait this long. One of the plants is getting really bushy. But I was afraid to go into the shed where they are stored because of all the wasps.

I finally bought some sort of earth-destroying spray in a giant yellow can and I went out there early this morning and with trembling hands, shot a high-powered stream of poison foam onto their nest building project. Wow, there is a great opportunity for an inappropriate joke. I think I’m going to let it pass.

Then I screamed like a girl and ran away and went back a couple hours later to find their twitching bodies on the floor of the shed.

I got the cages out and mangled the beautiful tomato plants to get them stuffed in.

The smallest tomato is the one that was growing in the walls of water. The walls didn’t contribute much this year.

The greens part of the garden isn’t too impressive. Everything is either bolting or getting eaten by what my hippie gardening book calls maggots. I guess it’s going to happen to us all someday.

I did pick a boatload of peas today and served them with Prosciutto and pasta. And I put the cucumbers, round two out in the garden.

Every quarter Bob and a group of his colleagues have a party to celebrate the end of the quarter. This time it was at our house so on Friday I decided to go see Star Trek.

I was never a big Star Trek person although I did watch several seasons of The Next Generation and I could probably do a post about that if I can get myself up for it one of these days.

Since the moment the new Star Trek was announced I’ve been getting headaches from rolling my eyes. I couldn’t understand why this had to be remade. I read a lot of sci-fi nerd news online and I would ignore the Star Trek movie as much as I could.

A long time ago there was this movie called Pacific Heights. I’m going to tie this point back to Star Trek so stay with me. The movie stared Melanie Griffiths when she wasn’t nearly as annoying and Matthew Modine and they were a cute couple who rented an apartment to Michael Keaton who turned into the crazy psycho tenant from hell.

Michael Keaton played this role so effectively that I completely loathed him and transferred all my bad feelings about his character to him personally. No Michael Keaton movies for me.

But then a couple of years later, I finally got around to seeing Batman the 1989 version that stared Michael Keaton there’s probably a way I can tie all this endless rebooting of old ideas into new movies again and again in right here but I’m too lazy to do it and I forgave Michael Keaton. That poor tortured Batman needed a hug.

Returning to the more recent past, I was a huge Heroes fan for about one season and then I thought the show went to complete doodie. And I hated Sylar. I really hated Sylar and when I found out that Sylar was going to be Spock it just confirmed all the reasons why I thought the Star Trek movie was a terrible idea.

But, everyone kept saying the movie was good and here I was at the movies and so I picked Star Trek and I thought is was FREAKING AWESOME. And Spock was so adorable and tortured. I wanted to take him home and bake him cookies and read him a story.

I wasn’t sure about the movie at first. I’d be too ashamed to write a scene (inconsequential spoiler) where a pregnant woman is labor right at the exact time the space ship is being evacuated from an attack by a terrible badass. Seriously? But fifteen minutes later I was biting my nails and sitting at the edge of my seat thinking: I can’t wait to see it again. *And* Karl Urban!

On that note, I guess it’s time to wrap this up. I have a super busy week coming up with some long days and then on Thursday I am rolling out of town to California for a long Internet-free weekend. Posting may be light. We’ll see.

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