Garden Update

A moment of silence please, for the Early Girl that fled the building. I don’t think this was my fault. I think Home Despot sells a faulty product. The tomatoes from the farmer’s market look fantastic. I told Bob to pick up another one this weekend.

Nibbled Peas

I checked my peas on Sunday and they showed signs of extensive snacking so I cursed the slugs and then sprinkled about a half a box of slug bait in the garden. Later, as I stood in my kitchen drying dishes I noticed a little bird perched on the cage picked at the leaves. Bad birds.

First Glimpse of Pumpkin Crop 09

I’m sprouting my pumpkins on the windowsill right now. My favorite of all my crops.

In a side note, in 06 I read a book by Susanna Clarke called Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell (Book #2) that I loved. Later she had a book of short stories called The Ladies of Grace Adieu come out and after eyeing it for awhile I bought it. And I thought the stories were super boring.

I left it on the nightstand with the bookmark in the middle and never touched it again. Every time I was clearing out books to give away, I’d look at it and then think, well, I might give it one more try.

This has been going on at least a year. Last night I randomly picked it up and since I’d quit in the middle of a story I had to go back and start again. And I could barely put it down. I eventually had to because I didn’t want to stay up too late. But I finished it this morning.

I’m trying to be okay with quitting reading things that aren’t working for me and this little episode is not helping.

I’m off to Wisconsin tomorrow. I’ll check in if I can.

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