Madison’s Happiest Corner

For the benefit of my three loyal readers who have no clue what I’m up to: I was in Madison, Wisconsin for Wiscon for the weekend. It was really just an excuse to reunite with a bunch of Clarion West friends.

I knew I was going to be getting home late last night so I took today off which was a good thing because I was so tired I would have been worthless.

But I’d expected to get all kinds of stuff done like unpacking and organizing photos and writing a kickass blog post and these things barely happened. What did happen is I had an epic two-hour, underneath-the-covers nap. Often when I nap I do it on the couch. When I do nap on the bed, it’s only on top of the covers.

I’m not sure where these rules originated. I think at one point I had a theory about making sure my body didn’t get confused between sleeping and napping. Regardless, I started dragging around 11:30am so I crawled back in bed and it was brilliant. If I was a hobbit, I’d write a song about it to sing when I went on long adventures.

I might do a better Wiscon post later. I have tons of photos. I waited too long and don’t have time to do anything better than this tonight.

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