Electric Light Orchestra

Safeway always plays fantastic music. It’s not anything you would ever listen to on purpose but when you’re in the store buying your daily supply of pasta and turnips you can boogie.

A couple of weeks ago they played this song that the Internet tells me is America:

You can do magic
You can have anything that you desire
Magic, and you know
You’re the one who can put out the fire

I had this song on my brain for days and ran around the kitchen singing this until I got it confused with an ELO song called Strange Magic.

I get a strange magic,
Oh, what a strange magic,
Oh, its a strange magic.
Got a strange magic,
Got a strange magic.

I loved ELO when I was a girl. And I kept asking Bob if we had any in the house.

His answer: NO! He hates ELO!

So I went to the Apple Store and they have the Essential ELO for $10! And I told Bob and he had an iTunes card with money left on it. And he gave it to me!

I’m listening to “Can’t Get It Out of My Head” right now. Is he the best sweetheart on the planet or what?

Me against the applemachine:
Are you sure you want the dorky America tune?
ME: yes
Apple: Give us your secret credit card code.
Me: here.
Apple: really? you want this song?
Me: yes, dammit.
Apple: We need the secret handshake and the secret codes
Me: here
Apple: and this is the song you want?
Me: yes, dammit. Stop judging me.
Apple: okay. I guess. So you want us to charge you for this?
Me: yes. For 1 freakin’ dollar. Don’t make me long for the days of the record store next the grocery store where my Mom shopped and I gave you a dollar for a single which was a tiny vinyl thing.
Apple: I guess, whatever. Shall we back this up for you?
Me: damn you apple overlord.

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