When I Say Giant This is What I Mean

This photo is from Bob’s birthday but you’re supposed to be looking at an example of what the kitchen-dining room area looks like..

Update:I just want to briefly update yesterday’s post to add that when I say ” giant dining room and kitchen with an island and a giant laundry room with a half bath” I don’t mean giant like a mcmansion or a ridiculously huge space. I mean a comfortable sized space for two people with friends or family visiting.

I have a great post idea but I decided to enjoy the last day of 70’s sunshine (for now) and I puttered in the yard when I got home from work.

Then I cobbled together a decent dinner out of nothing. (I sauteed the beet greens I decided not to compost with a leftover leek and bacon and served over rice. It was surprisingly decent.)

Now it’s almost bedtime and my eyes are drooping.

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