Crazy Scooter Guy

I made a fantastic scan from this week’s Office Despot catalog but forgot to upload it before I left for work. You’ll have to wait for tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’ll tell you about crazy scooter guy.

There’s a guy who lives somewhere near me and who leaves for work at around the same time. He drives like a maniac. On a scooter. In the dark hours of early morning, even when it’s pouring rain.

He likes to ride about three inches from my bumper, because rear-ending a car when you’re driving a scooter would be fun. Sometimes, my insistence on driving the actual speed-limit gets him into a lather and he has to zoom around me using the oncoming lane. It’s early. Probably no cars coming.

And it’s not like he gets anywhere. I always catch up to him at the next stoplight.

Some mornings I enjoy this little game but this morning when I saw him in my rear-view mirror I pulled over. You win today, crazy scooter guy.

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