Three Hundred

Bookswap photo courtesy of Eilonwy Anne

I’ve been wanting to see the movie 300 since it came out.

I finally DVR’d it and I only watched the first half. I don’t think it’s a bad movie, but it’s not really my thing and since my DVR is 41% full which is keeping me awake at night PLUS my magazine drawer is too full to close all the way PLUS I went to a book swap on Saturday. “Yay, getting rid of some books.” Except I left with more books than I brought. Damn!

I can’t be watching any non-essential TV at the moment.

But back to 300, I will say this. The minute they invent a time machine, I’m traveling back to Spartan times and my job is going to be fitting and making those tiny leather pants.

That was 90% of my reason for sticking with the first hour. Oh. My.

And when Faromir came out with his David Cassidy haircut and his leather pants and washboard abs — it was like Christmas, birthday and winning the lottery all on the same day.

When I’m in charge of the world, soccer will be played wearing tiny leather pants.

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