Friday Wrap Up

The bunny showed up in the backyard again this morning. I haven’t seen him since the first of the year and assumed he’d moved on. I’ve decided to call him Bunny Carlos (in case you don’t get the reference). Our weed-choked lawn must be delicious. If he eats slugs, I will encourage him to breed.

For my one loyal reader who isn’t near the PAC NW, it might interest you to know that our state is completely ruined with flooding and mudslides. Washington Department of Transportation has a blog , Twitter and Flickr. Go WSDOT with the technology.

This photo set shows where Interstate 5 was shut down. I guess it’s open now for truck traffic and will open for passenger traffic later. Yikes. At Trader Joe’s this morning they said their truck couldn’t get through and I noticed the produce and meat sections were pretty scanty. Have I ever mentioned my fear of food riots? Just as a conceivable scenario. I’m not worried about it at the moment. No need to go into it now.

It’s my goal to get the holiday newsletter (you know, the Presidents’ Day holiday) done today. We’ll see how I do. I’m feeling pretty squirrely.

Tomorrow is writers group at my house and Sunday is bluegrass.

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