Sitting Around At Home

For many, many years of my life I wished to work from home or be independently wealthy. I thought that sitting around the house all day would be fantastic. Especially if I could make a living writing.

For my first job out of college, I actually liked the work but the owner was an unreasonable jerkwad which made the environment awful.

I’ve never written about my second main job out of college and the short version is that while I liked most of the people I worked with, I generally didn’t enjoy the job or clients. That job I would sometimes feel like weeping on Sunday nights thinking about the work week.

The paralegal thing took awhile but I really like my job and working with tribes and these days, I rarely think that I’d be happier sitting around the house all day long.

I just finished an epic holiday that I was greatly looking forward to. Between weather and holiday office closure, I think I only worked two days in the last three weeks. That’s a lot of time.

And I had grand plans for all these amazing things I was going to be doing. To be clear, I completely enjoyed the time and I did accomplish a huge pile of stuff. But I was dismayed by how quickly the time passed and how often the day would be coming to an end, and I’d barely gotten into one project. With endless piles of time, I still struggled to get my stuff done.

I thought this post would be more interesting when I started it. No time to go back and sweeten it up, now. But I think my point is that I’ve never been happier about getting back to work than I was this morning.

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