Pam’s Pies

Today’s post is dedicated to Kira and Shane and if you want the inside scoop you should read this story.

Today I did my writing stuff first thing in the morning. I’m still working on the holiday letter. I know, whatever. I’m sorry. Yesterday I got all bogged down making my 2009 bookpage. So bogged down I did a totally half-assed review of Book #1 (Bridge of Sighs) and it was a FABULOUS book. I’m doing online book group with Kim (we just invented it) and we’ve both been discussing like nobody’s business.

Then I baked a loaf of no knead bread. I added a big plop of sourdough from my sourdough feeding and I’m not sure if this is a brick or not. It wasn’t as big as other loaves I’ve made. But we didn’t cut into it tonight. I’m betting it will be decent but a tad heavy. Not sure which part went wrong. I’ll watch the sourdough addage more closely next time.

At noon I stripped the turkey carcass from Xmas dinner. It’s been waiting for me in the freezer and I haven’t had time until now. I used the meat to make a turkey pot pie using the same recipe from last month. This time I used filo because I had one in the fridge and I’d already made a pie.

And I put the carcass in a pot and made turkey soup using a Cook’s Illustrated recipe.

I actually enjoyed the extended day in the kitchen. I had a bunch of Firefly’s on the TV. I’ve said this before but I’m not a big fan of TV on just for noise but during big kitchen projects, I like something familiar in the background. Everything smelled delicious. And it started snowing around 4pm. (I know, seriously, enough already. If I wanted to live in a snowy place I would have moved to SnowLand.)

I’ve been saving up some photo printing and I finally finished my stack and took them in for processing this weekend. Fred Meyer had a coupon and I thought what great timing. So I used the coupon for my order of 300+ prints. The computer discounted each print individually. We had to wait about fifteen minutes for the register to process this. And then print out this receipt.

The snow is supposed to change over into rain and I hope it does because I’ve enjoyed this time off but I’m ready to get back to work. Seriously.

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