Post Holiday Wrap-Up

I bashed my thumb in the shower door while cleaning. I told it off with a number of really fabulous bad words. It’s already turning blue. Photos in the future, if it gets really ugly.

* * *

I spilled come candle wax on my clothes and thought I’d check the Internet to see if there were any great tips for removing it.

The first one I found said this: “The best way to avoid wax stains on clothing is to not get them in the first place.”

Wow. That’s genius. Let’s think of all the places we can extend that fabulous bit of thinking. “The best way to avoid overcoming brain damage is to not fly through that windshield in the first place.” “The best way to avoid a painful, lingering death is to not be born in the first place.”

What kind of person typed that first advice? I bet if s/he has kids, they hate him.

* * *

The thaw is on. Now we have flood warnings. Yay, us. At one point the awning over the back deck appeared to be caving in. Looks fine now. A guy is going to look at the gutters on Monday.

* * *

I cleaned house today and then mulled some wine to drink in my Lord of the Rings promotional goblet with the red glow. I’m too lazy to take a photo and I just cruised Flickr with some luck but no Creative Commons licensed photos. Please world, learn about Creative Commons. It could have used an orange slice but otherwise, pretty good.

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