Jedi v. Hobbits

Guess what happened yesterday?

It snowed some more. Snowiest Christmas in history. The snow on the garage took out that raingutter, too.

But it was was the kind of snow with huge pretty fluffy flakes and I could watch while I made dinner.

I made a bunch of delicious recipes from the Sunset magazine holiday recipe round-up like broccoli gorgonzola casserole and artichoke parmesan stuffing. I’d love to link to them for you but Sunset’s website sucks major ass. Sunset has been including quotes from blogs in their pages. I sure hope they get that one.

I also made their herb dinner rolls. The recipe calls for fresh herbs and I had bought a few herbs to supplement what I have in my yard. Except we couldn’t find the herbs we bought. Must have been left at the store somehow. And I didn’t feel like putting on boots and tromping across to the backyard and digging out my frozen garden herbs. So I used dried herbs and the rolls still came out good. I just ate a leftover one cold and it was delicious.

And we had turkey and mashed potatoes and some brown sauce that some might consider calling gravy, and I made a pumpkin pie from pumpkin I grew myself. It was good but a lot of work for one person. After we finished the last dishes I took a hot bath and then finished watching The Two Towers which is my favorite of the three. That was Christmas.

The day before yesterday I watched Attack of the Clones. I re-watch episodes IV-VI all the time but I haven’t seen any of the first three in awhile. There’s really no way of getting around how monumentally stupid that movie is. I enjoyed it in a dorky fangirl way but sitting there watching it again, I found myself cringing. That’s why I gave up on Jedi and switched to Hobbits.

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