Ice Ears

This is how I took it and now I’m wondering if I should flip it. No, too lazy.

Bob and I are both home today. It’s sunny outside and according to our highly accurate backyard temperature measuring device, it’s 28 degrees. It’s also really windy. We don’t want to turn into winter lumps so we decided to go for a walk. We piled on layers of clothes, hats and mittens and headed out into the bright coldness.

What do you think this thing is for? It’s a retired tea kettle on a stick. It’s lined up with a couple of other bird feeders so I guess it’s a birdfeeder but not sure how that would work. Maybe it’s just outdoor art.

We originally thought we’d take this long route by Burnt Bridge Creek but we started heading east into the wind and our noses turned blue and it was so ugly we almost turned around right then.

But we thought we’d at least hang in for a couple of blocks and once we got around the first corner it wasn’t so bad. But we never made it to the creek.

The holiday load has been manageable so far. I’ve got a few errands left but nothing to freak out about. It’s the rest of my load that I can’t seem to catch up on. My email box is stacked and I owe from way back at the beginning of November. Every day I try to go through at least ten but by the end of the day at least twelve more have come in. I unsubscribed from every company email list I’m on because they were all sending me things every single day. Too much crap.

And I have a million of those little things you have to do that probably won’t take that long but you never seem to get to them. I need to find my camera book and figure out what magical combination of buttons I pressed that makes the display screen all wonky. I need to find all the stuff for our natural gas account and put it in the same folder. I need to update the family address list and distribute. I need to clean out this drawer in my bathroom where hair product spilled. I should probably go look for the lens cap to my camera. I’m 99% sure I lost it at home but I’m afraid it fell off when I went outside and walked around the yard and don’t really feel like bundling up and looking right now. I was hoping it would be on my desk but no luck.

I know, don’t you wish I’d go on?

This is Mt. St. Helens with an old farm that’s still in the neighborhood. There was a chainlink fence and I lifted my camera up over the top to take the picture and when downloaded it from the camera I was surprised by how well I aimed.

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