What Winter?

Yesterday the weatherman said we could expect 1-3 inch accumulations overnight. You can imagine my disappointment when I ripped the windowshade open this morning and saw this. It looks like someone shook a bag of flour out of an open car window as they drove by.

It picked up again later but there was never enough to cover anything.

I don’t know how Laura Ingalls survived that Long Winter. I ran out to the backyard to see how things were progressing. It’s windy and 30 degrees. I ran back inside and stood on the heating vent in the living room until I stopped shivering. Laura Ingalls probably wasn’t stupid enough to run outside in her pajamas.

Now I’ve also revealed that I never changed out of my pajamas today. Well, at 3:30 I took them off and put on sweatpants. But I’m wearing the sweatpants to bed so it wasn’t like I traded up.

Every time I plan to have a lazy day, the opposite happens. I guess there are worse problems.

I wrote most of the morning. Then I Bob and I had a hot lunch. Then I decided to bake a loaf of bread so I could make fresh bread Nutella toast when I felt like a snack while being inside on a snow day.

By the time I had the kitchen all cleaned up it was 3:30. So I changed into my sweatpants, as mentioned earlier, and then fired up a crackle log and sat down and watched a Firefly. It was the one where there’s a fancy ball and Kaylee wears this crazy pink dress and Mal has to swordfight this guy who wanted to make Inara his personal companion.

Now I’m cleaning off my desk while I wait for the bread to come out of the oven.

I think after dinner we might watch Iron Man from Netflix or we still have a million Life on Mars on the DVR. I guess it’s a half lazy day.

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