The First Video Game You Can Play With Your Butt

The title of this post came from a commercial during my wait for Twilight. You can’t make that stuff up.

I wish I could have a conversation with the stoner that set the line-up of trailers that went before Twilight.

First was Harry Potter. Okay. Then there was a trailer for a horror movie called The Unborn that made me want to crap my pants in fear during the few seconds I had to sit through it. Then was a dumb “boys go to cheerleading camp” called Fired Up.

Then there was a series of trailers that stand for the proposition that you can put up any turd with thumping music and lots of quick cuts and make it look plausibly decent: Valkyrie (Tom Cruise, already know how it ends); something action-y with Dakota Fanning that looks like Hong Kong X-Men, one more that I can’t understand my notes.

I’m sure you’re dying to hear what I thought of Twilight.

Didn’t hate it. But didn’t think it was too good. There were some very satisfying moments for fans of the books but the script and the direction were tragically awful. Some of the modifications worked. I loved the high school kids. I loved the baseball scene except I could have done without some of the effects. I loved the big fight scene at the end except that ever single second of it already aired on the previews. They should have dragged that out a bit more.

I thought the movie wrecked my favorite part(s) of the book which were the big Port Angeles dinner and drive home and the trip to the meadow.

My most ginormous peeve is that Jacob did not speak anything like a reservation Indian. Reservation Indians have very distinct ways of speaking. You would think that for the one movie of the year that had actual Indian parts, they might have done a TINY bit of homework and got that bit right. I’m available for consultation if they want help with the sequels.

So as a fan: yes, worth it. Satisfying. Loved the first moment Edward appeared on screen.

But overall: could have been better.

 * * *

Last night we saw Annie Leibovitz at Arts & Lectures.

My dear husband gave me a documentary to watch which I grumbled about. He wrote about it here. I don’t have time to watch the shows I want to watch. I don’t need anyone feeding the pile.

But I came home Wednesday and stuck it in the machine and was completely captivated.

When Bob came home I had to tell him he was right and it made me enjoy the lecture that much more.

Bob’s review of the lecture is here

She read from her new book coming out and showed a bunch of slides starting with early in her career and touching a lot of her most famous photos.

I very distinctly remember the John Lennon and Yoko photo. And I very distinctly remember John’s murder. I don’t remember those things happening together.

An amazing career. We talked about it and agreed it was the right personality and talent at the right time.

I had a third topic for tonight but I can’t remember right now.

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