Who Doesn’t Love A Good Knodel?

I found this at the Fred Meyer across the street from Trader Joe’s. I’ve seen various ethnic food sections but never German. That store is being remodeled and as I was running through, trying to pick up two or three things real quick, there were people hanging tarps and removing items from the shelves and doing something that was really noisy. I haven’t been back.

Bob and I love a good Knödel and no doubt this mix in a box will be disappointing in every way.

* * *

The wall between my office and the office next door isn’t completely sealed. I can hear the guy on the other side talk on the phone, clear his throat or chew his Lunchables. Of course that means he can hear me too and I’m sure he appreciated the day I shouted across the office about artificial foreskins.

One day last week I heard a lot of banging around over there followed by an excessive amount of that “rippppppt” sound that packing tape makes. I’m a little concerned there might be a head in a box somewhere.

* * *

One more office story so I can follow the rule of three. I have two 5 drawer filing cabinets in my office. These are the wide drawers where a small child could sleep. The catalog calls them lateral file cabinets. They are set end-to-end in a corner such that the front corners touch and there’s a dead space in the corner behind them. If I was at home I could draw you a diagram but I’m at the office so you’re going to have to try to visualize it.

Last week I wiped off the top of the cabinets because I am the kind of person who wipes off the top of cabinets and while I was on the stepstool I thought I’d peek into that dead space and see if any paperclips or other fun things had fallen behind there.

It’s filled with empty boxes of tissues and envelopes. Why would someone throw trash back there? I wanted to try to reach in and grab some of the topmost boxes but I was afraid I might fall and no one would know what happened to me until the body started to smell.

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