How many times have I written about how much I hate the Parade Magazine that comes in the Sunday paper? Sometimes Bob will leave it out on the kitchen table just to hear me groan, “I hate the Parade!” when I see the cover.

They run these cheesy ads in the back for free Amish miracle fireplaces. These fireplaces keep you super warm and use almost no energy and don’t make pollution and cure diseases and make all your wishes come true. It’s hard to believe that they don’t sell these on every street corner. The ads include terrible photos that are so phony you can’t believe it’s not a fake ad. Check the company’s website .

They also have these promotions where you can get a free heater if you call in the first 48 hours. I’m really stupid and even I know that nothing is ever free. But that ad runs all the time, in the regular paper, too. Isn’t there some consumer group somewhere trying to put a stop to all this? I finally remembered to look it up online.

Oh hey, I was right. It’s a total crock. It doesn’t make wishes come true. Also it’s a free space heater inside of an Amish made mantle that you have to buy for a few hundred bucks. (Be sure to read some of the comments. Shill alert!)

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