And Now For Something You’ve Never Heard

This morning I swear I saw a woman driving and applying eye make-up at the same time. What a moron. If there was an accident and I ran over to administer first aid and the first thing I saw was a mascara wand sticking out of some idiot’s eye, that would wreck my entire day.

The bus smelled like burned plastic when I boarded this morning. I double checked that I knew where the emergency exits were and how they worked. Of course there was a traffic accident and the bus smelled the entire ride. I guess I just spent 45 minutes breathing toxic fumes. Oh well, my retirement account is underfunded anyway. Not like I want to live forever.

As I seem to say every week, I have a super busy week ahead of me. Bob is taking me to Sigur Ros tonight (his idea, I don’t know anything about them) and he has tickets for Art Spiegelman later in the week. Plus I have to go to yoga because my workout routine has completely disintegrated since CW and that one class a week is the only thing keeping my butt from overtaking the planet.

Bob said Great Big Sea is coming to town and I don’t love seeing live music any more but I wouldn’t mind seeing them but the calendar is too overloaded already. My point being, lame posting will continue.

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