Old Office

Old Office Before

Here’s my old office last week before I packed up to leave. I wanted to highlight that little orange sticker on the window because it has the dates for Clarion West and I put that up there way back when I first thought about applying so I could figure out if the dates would work. It’s been up there ever since and I hated to take it down.

Old Office After

Here’s my office after we’d packed up and loaded out. We didn’t take everything.

Not related to work but related to life: I’m kind-of despairing about all the things I want to do vs. all the things that might be possible given the time and energy I have. I keep thinking that one more weekend is all I need but it never works out that way.

I’m sitting on at least a half dozen posts, some with photos, but we’ll see. I’m going to stop whining for now.

I have some roasted tomatoes that I need to do something with. And I need to wind down so I can fall asleep tonight.

I did write almost all day so that’s good.

I’ll have photos of the new office later this week.

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