Big Yellow Dog


On Saturday I was working in the front yard and I saw this big yellow dog come scampering down the street. This was the happiest dog you’ve ever seen in your life. He bounded from one yard to the next bouncing in circles sniffing every wonderful hedge and tree trunk and marking his territory as needed.

Since I have adult onset fear of dogs all my brain was computing was “Omigod, dog with no people. He is going to run over here and bite me.”

He was too involved in his smell inventory to even notice me. My next door neighbor was much quicker on the uptake and I heard her yell, “He’s over here.” Then I clued in that there were kids at some distant location calling for the dog. She yelled again and the dog ran over to a red pick-up truck and set to work checking the smells on the tires.

My neighbor jumped in her car and drove towards the voices and a few moments later these two kids came sprinting down the street, huffing and puffing.

“Are you looking for the dog?” I asked.

“YES!” They said, together.

“He was just over by that truck.” I pointed.

Moments later the dog leapt out from behind a hedge and the kids smiled and grabbed his collar.

“Thanks!” they said and waved at me. Then a woman in a van came and picked them up and she waved at me, too.

And I thought, “Yes, what a great neighbor I am, helpfully pointed at your beloved and obviously sweet pet, in terror that he was going to run over and bite me. You are welcome.”

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