Nice view looking upriver at the Siuslaw in Mapleton, Oregon.

Walker zipped through town this weekend and hung out with us. We went to see Jerry Rig on Saturday night and saw the whole High Sierra gang which I only know via Bob and Walker. I tried music festival-ing in 2002 and 2004 and my favorite part was when it was over.

Just kidding. It wasn’t that bad but it’s not my thing. I’m perfectly happy to see one band every 3 months, not 137 bands in 4 days.

But Saturday night was fun and I stayed up until a record breaking 1:30am.

Sunday morning we headed down to Mapleton to deposit Walker with her Dad for a weeklong visit.

We hung out at their fabulous quiet house near the river and wandered through the rhodies in the yard. Later we took off for a stroll around Florence and had dinner, went for a short walk on the beach and then stopped by the Three Rivers Casino.

Bob and I drove home this afternoon and we’re trying to get organized for the week.

I just started my garden photo set which hopefully I’ll keep updating until I leave in June. I hope I get to harvest at least one thing before I leave.

If it looks windy and cold, that’s because it is. Behind us the sky is scary storm-grey.

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