Crane Next Door
Runday Sunday

There’s a new building going up next door to the office and I’ve been trying to get some good crane photos. There’s a guy who has to sit in there all day long. I can’t imagine climbing all those stairs just to get to work. My office is on the other side of the building but I check over there once or twice a day.

This morning, Bob took off for a few days in Toronto for a work-related conference. The flight was at the buttcrack of dawn and he said I didn’t have to take him if I didn’t want to get up that early but I don’t mind getting up early and it wasn’t that bad. Except I can’t believe how many people are driving around at 4:30am on a Sunday morning.

When I got home I made a cup of tea and worked on writing and by 9am I had already finished another draft and did a yoga practice. I did a quick trip to the garden store. And then at Noon I needed an epic nap so I could function the rest of the day.

I worked on my story for a couple more hours and then ran out for some quick yard work and now I need to bathe and figure out what I’m going to eat.

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