Your Hair is Big

The weekend weather wasn’t quite as doodoo as predicted. It was cold, but yesterday afternoon the sun came out and sitting at the computer was giving me a headache so I worked outside. We had our tree pruned back in January and I got all but three big branches into the yard debris bin. I planted a bunch of flower seeds that I bought impulsively at the beginning of March and I raked the garden spot and turned over some of the soil. Maybe next weekend I can get the manure and plant a few things. Because all danger of frost must have passed by now. Please?

My neighbor was out, too and he said possibly the squirrels were into the tulips. Maybe. While we were talking a shiny red car stopped in front of our houses and a wail came from a person in a ball in the street. At first I thought they’d hit him but no, the car had been pulling the kid on his skateboard. Another kid got out of the car and scoffed and dragged wailing kid to his feet. The driver was a blonde girl. They very pointedly did not make eye contact with the grown-ups standing on the curb looking on with concern/scorn.

Last night I caught up on my shows. Am I the only person who tears up during almost every episode of Doctor Who and Torchwood? Last night I was sniffling into my tissue during the end of Torchwood and Bob came upstairs. He said, “Your hair is big” which was true because I had washed it but not applied 10 lbs of product nor done any styling except for the bangs so they wouldn’t stick out.

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