Tulip Bandit Strikes Again

This is what we saw when we got home from the grocery store last night.

I can’t believe I thought tulips didn’t last very long. These have been going strong for at least a couple of weeks although they’re looking a tad straggly at this point. It’s hard not to think someone is messing with me.

Here’s the before photo again.

 I don’t know what to think. These flowers are right by my front door. My neighbor has a big patch of pretty tulips in her yard right by the street. I checked and no one has been picking any of those. If it was kids, why would they just target these?

I’m not really outraged as much as curious. Did the same person come back for more or did someone else see these and think they needed to take some home? I haven’t seen any in this color around. It might be hard to tell from the photos but they are a very dark velvety red. I’m going to dig them up in the fall and put them out back with the pink ones. I’ll get some more daffodils for the front.

This morning I did a tons of errands. I put on my work clothes so I could pick up some manure and stuff for the garden that I’m planting even though I’m going to be gone for 6 weeks. I know the weather is supposed to be doodoo all weekend but I figured there would be time to sneak out and do a little work.

Right when I got to the garden store it started pouring rain and everything was covered and I said screw it. Better luck next weekend.

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