Celebrate Compost
Celebrate Compost
We have a compost bin where we throw all our fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells and occasionally moldy bread but never cooked foods. I never do anything to it like stir it or add layers of grass clippings. Every other year, or so, I drag the bin over to the garden and dump whatever’s in there out into the dirt and rake it around or dig it under. Usually the bottom is a nice sludgy brown and I guess magic for the garden and the top is usually carrot peels and apple cores.

Every time I read anything about composting, this is never how they describe doing it. But if it’s going to be more complicated, it’s not going to happen at our house.

Yesterday I got my new tooth which I love. It fit like a dream on the first try so they glued that puppy in and I’m chewing mastadon bones for dinner. (Just kidding, they’re so difficult to find around here.)

Almost everyone at the dentist office asked me if I had ever thought about getting my teeth straightened. There’s some new process that I guess is like some sort of invisible retainers. I didn’t ask a lot of questions. I don’t hate the idea but it’s not a big concern. Especially not right now when I just emptied out my wallet for Uncle Sam, the state of Oregon, my new tooth and Clark County is going to get my property tax payment in another week.

Tooth vanity doesn’t fit in the current spreadsheet.

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