Busy Saturday
New Paella Pan
One of my favorite lunches is paella at Southpark. I’ve been talking about learning to make paella forever and coworker was going to buy me a pan and then decided to give me a gift certificate instead. I went back and forth about getting an actual paella pan v. getting a multi-purpose pan that I could also use for paella. I went for the paella pan and I’m going to give it a test run tomorrow.

Weeping Cherry
I’ve been admiring all the gorgeous trees in the neighborhood. Dogwood and other flowering trees I don’t know the names of. Finally our tree is blooming. I don’t know what it is but I call it a Weeping Cherry.

Field of Daffodils
This photo makes it look like our backyard is a sunny field of daffodils. This particular bunch was a gift from Bob’s Grandma’s house in central California. We got a bag of bulbs and I planted them together in one corner so we’d always know which ones were Grandma’s.

Two amazing days of productivity. Going for Day 3 tomorrow.

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