Computer Free

This evening we went to the grocery store. Neither of us wore a coat into the store and it was monsooning when we were done. We ran across the parking lot in a gusting downpour, drop-kicked our groceries into the trunk and were in the car buckled-up in record time.

I had a recipe I was thinking of making for Easter. We don’t really celebrate Easter but I thought I might make a nice dinner. When I clipped the recipe I thought it was a “toss in slow cooker and forget it” type of recipe and as I was writing down what I needed I noticed there was stuff about browning and setting aside and a bunch of steps with aluminum foil on and then off and then a reduction sauce and I could sense that this wasn’t the type of recipe I was up for so it was abandoned and I’m guessing now we’ll have frozen pizza and salad.

We’ll see how I feel.

I did a lot of computer work at the office this week and my neck, shoulders, back, arms and dried little eyeballs are telling me that they would like a break so I’m going to be on a severe computer reduction diet for the next couple of days.

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