Gandalf’s Hat

Some weird piece of wood found by the river in Orleans

I’m working on an epic post about my first job out of college. I had no idea it would take so much time to write when I started. Turns out personal ancient history is fertile writing material.

Today was back to work and the word of the day is rain. Pouring on the way to work. Pouring during lunch. Pouring all the way home. Probably pouring now but I can’t hear it from where I’m sitting right now.

Some ladies on the bus were furious that it was late. They threw a giant fit as if the bus driver was personally responsible for the rain, traffic and wrecks going in both directions. Ladies: it’s public transportation. Not magic.

They sat for the entire ride making catty remarks about the driver. They also said the driver was 45 minutes late and she said she was only 21 minutes late and they did exaggerated faux-relieved faces and said, “Only 21 minutes.”

I wanted to tell them that if their new year’s resolution was to be a catty witch they were doing a great job.

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