View from Franklin Park toward Vancouver Lake

I’m astonished by how quickly this time off has flown by and how little I managed to get organized. There was a moment this afternoon where I said, “Fork it. I need to goof off,” and I cracked open my gold box of Twin Peaks DVDs. The series holds up like nobody’s business. This is my most fanatical TV experience of all time. I watched every single minute of the show in its original broadcast. I met the Log Lady.

I watched through the entire series at 2 times but it’s been at least 10 years. This is going to be awesome.

Among my accomplishments this time off: I finished a draft of my story and that was priority number one. And I did have a lot of fun time with my sweetheart. We went for a walk again this morning along with half the neighborhood. It was like everyone was tired of eating cookies and watching the rain and wanted to get out in the wind and cold and stretch the legs.

My desk is still piled high with crap and I still haven’t gotten the paper version of the holiday newsletter out. Who cares? Am I going to be on my deathbed thinking: “Oh, bummer. My 07 holiday letters were catastrophically late”? I doubt it.

I’ve had a lot of instructions lately for my death. I’m always telling my husband, “If I die tragically, here’s what I want you to do.” Today I told him that even if I’m young, if it’s quick and painless he should tell everyone to be happy. Given the choice, I’d pick quick and painless over being eaten by a tiger, bear, alligator or shark any day. I’m disproportionally concerned about being eaten alive.

I went to yoga on New Years Eve and he asked me to be very careful driving home in case there were drunk drivers on the road. As I got in the car to come home and zoomed onto the freeway I cranked up the radio and guess what song came on?

(Don’t Fear) The Reaper. You know what I was thinking?

“Dammit! If I die right now, no one will know the irony.”

I live! And I predict 2008 will be a good year but, I’ve been enjoying sleeping in. Tomorrow that alarm is going to hurt.

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