Partisan Exits

Today I got rid of an entire trunkload (TRUNKLOAD!) of crap. I’m giddy. I keep running out to the garage and looking at the huge empty space where that worthless junk used to be and then rubbing my hands together and giggling. I love getting rid of things.

I’ve had a giant box that was once the home of a brand new eMac (not one of my better computers). I’ve been throwing Goodwill stuff into it plus I had two giant bags of clothes. All this stuff has been sitting here forever. Plus I had a big stack of books for the Friends of the Library (I’d link to it but they still address their mailings by hand, I’m not even going to look for a website) that I dropped off for donation and I had a small stack of books to trade in. So I did bring some books home, but not as many as I got rid of.

Oh. I forgot to tell the part about how the giant box wouldn’t fit into the trunk or the backseat. Not even close and I tried and many bad words were said. I stomped back into the garage and found a giant box cutter that I bought during the whole home improvement project (It starts at May 7 and goes on forever.) Violently cut the box down to size. Tossed the trimmings into recycling. Cut new “handles” into the new box and chucked it into the trunk.

Of course the entire area around Goodwill was a sea of orange cones and people in orange vests with signs that said “Stop” or Slow” and then when it was finally your turn, they waved at your urgently, as though you were competing for fabulous cash and prizes.

But I got it all done. Now I’m apparently going to some sort of art lecture. When I said, “Sure that sounds fun,” I thought I was agreeing to an art exhibit. The driver is waiting … .

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