Home Sweet Home

View from my room, Kootenai River Inn, Bonners Ferry, Idaho

I think the legality of yesterday’s post is in question. Co-worker handed over his laptop and I was logged-in to the wireless network for at least 3 minutes before it spit me out. I assumed this was a random glitch and I could jump back on.

I was wrong.

I wrestled with the thing for about 15 minutes and then typed my post out into WordPad so I could quickly cut, paste and publish once I got on again. I couldn’t get back on the wireless network to save my life. I’m not a Windoze person and my usual wireless connection is at home where I just turn on the computer and it’s there. I don’t know how to troubleshoot (or troubleshat as I was thinking of it) a wireless connection but none of my best guesses would work. My popup window said, “We see tons of wireless connections, pick the one you want.” And I’d pick one and then we’d grind awhile and then it would say, “Oh, we couldn’t connect.” Then the entire process would repeat itself.

The hotel directions were worthless which I could have figured out when I saw that Macintosh looked like “MacIntosh” (serif typeface in italics with capital I?). I read it about 5 times before I figured out what that was supposed to mean. I fought with it another half hour before calling my husband in a snit.

“Log on to blogger. Here, I’ll dictate.” So he was to publish my post which for some reason didn’t work right.

When I got home it was sitting there and I published again and I think it’s up. I don’t care whether it counts or not, my intention was there and I’m not doing this for a prize.

In other news, I have 303 posts in my reader. I hope there’s a bunch of stuff I can easily “mark as read” with minimal guilt.

The trip was fabulous but super busy. My one chunk of non-scheduled time was used up on the wireless problem.

Many more photos to come.

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