Pumpkin Has Landed

2007 Pumpkin Crop

Yay, the pumpkin crop is finally in. There’s one more out there that I’m hoping will make it. It’s still too yellow to bring in and I’m guessing the temptation will be too much for the bad kids on Halloween. But maybe they won’t notice it since it’s still attached to the ground and not sitting on my porch with a flashlight in it.

We’re giving some away and some I will enjoy looking at on my counter and at the end of the month I will butcher them for food. It’s tough being a pumpkin in this house.

I had another super busy weekend. Today was going to be my lazy day and the laziest part was the long walk Bob and I did this morning. I took a bunch of photos which I’m sure I won’t get around to putting up until I’m procrastinating on something else.

I think I found a coat. Not too long ago I thought it was a good thing that I could view clothes on a store’s webpage, that way when I got to the store, I’d have an idea of what they offer and what I want. Turns out this is a complete waste of time because then I have an idea in my mind what I want and the store never has that item. Or if it does, not in my size, or only in orange.

What are the chances of having a good retail experience downtown? I think about 25%. It’s like the store are smaller representations of the good stores they have out in the suburbs. Do I really want to get in my car and drive for an hour for a bigger selection? If you know me, you know the answer is no.

A number of years ago this was all a lot easier because at some point around 30-ish, I was resigned to being frumpy. I felt that I was destined to be frumpy, I’d embrace frumpy and that frumpy was a perfectly fine place to be. I bought clothes that were “good enough.” I liked cheap. If it fit, fine.

At some point in the last 10 years I had an experience which I think we can trace back to this trip to Las Vegas where the girls made me buy a Miracle Bra instead of the $8 Hanes sports bra I was used to and I was transformed. I’m really simplifying here but I haven’t put on a Birkenstock, since.

Now I do not want to look frumpy and I’m really picky about my clothes which is a huge pain in the butt for a person who likes to shop in a hurry.

So back to the coat. I have paper thin skin and I’m always cold and I have a long cold wait in the dark for the bus. I need a good coat. I went to the department store which was a complete waste of time and made me mad. So when I got back to the office I jumped around online and I found a coat that I thought would work. It’s cute, it’s in my budget, it’s waterproof with hermetically sealed titanium clasps and turbo-wicking under-carriage. I pretty much decided on it and then I noticed it’s good for -40°. I don’t know. Our most brutal cold weather usually hovers around freezing. We get some gruesome wind. It’s a damp cold. But -40° seems overkill. I can wear my bathing suit to work under my coat.

I think I’ve talked myself into it since -40° according to whom? I’m always cold. This may be the coat that I wear to bed at night. Now I have to find some -40° boots.

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