The Illegal Three -- Vegas 2000


(Gambling tip from Jenny)

The Obligatory Bellagio Shot

We had so much fun last time, we decided to do it again. This time, part of the gang flew out Thursday night.

I came in around 10pm, the last to arrive, and I had envisioned everyone sitting around the hotel room with snacks and drinks, busily catching up. I even put a bottle of wine in my backpack so I'd be ready to join them.

I get to the casino and find Cherie on the house phone paging Jenny, who was already winning all kinds of money. I flung my bags down and ran around with the gang until 1:30 am.

Friday, we got up and started walking. Here is the obligatory Bellagio shot from left: Collette (this year's pregnant woman), Cherie, Walker, Antje (last year's pregnant woman), Sacco (next year's pregnant woman), Jenny, Me and Sherwood.

On Friday we made the rounds at the forum shops at Caesar's Palace. I love the cheesy "show" in the courtyard where these creepy looking statutes whirl around the fountain and basically do a big commercial for the shops. Vegas is so shameless.

Most Gregarious Elvis, Ever

This Elvis impersonator dude is a little too eager to pose for photos and knock out songs with his boombox -- we had to beg to leave. Karmically we owe about 9,000 strangers photos. From Left front: Cherie and Walker; back: Antje, Sherwood, Sacco, the Man, Jenny, Me and Collette.

A drink stop was needed and I had my first big meal in Vegas -- I shared three baskets of tortilla chips. This was after stuffing myself on half a bagel at breakfast.

This is Only the Beginning

We broke into A and B Teams. A Team went and gambled some more (Jenny was on that team) while B Team went to Ann Taylor and Victoria's Secret. Walker is my new personal shopper. It is no secret I have the dowdiest wardrobe on the planet. Walker helped me find some fun clothes, a fabulous new purse, and shoes that are NOT BIRKENSTOCKS.

Here I am with the credit card which has never been used for clothing. (I am the only woman alive who doesn't shop. Or didn't, I should say.) Then Walker took me to Vicki's Secret and made me buy 2 Wonderbras. I will never be the same and I mean that in the best possible sense. Sometimes you just need a friend to tell you your bra is hideous.

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The background is from The Background Gallery. Thanks to Walker for the photos.

Posted: 3.31.00