The Illegal Three -- Vegas 2000


Bally's Paris

Just kidding about the bra models thing. We do have photos, but I can't put them up.

Now, time for the even funner part. That evening we go back to Bellagio for the water show and get this fabulous shot. From left: Cherie, Antje, Me, Sacco, Margo (is here now!), Sherwood, Walker and Collette.

From here we decide to go for a nice dinner at Motown Cafe which disintegrated in no time flat. We ordered our food and it was just before 7pm and we wanted to avoid paying the cover charge at the Dueling Piano Bar in New York, New York. We evolved this really complicated scheme that involved sending people over in batches -- it's hard to summarize here. Cherie, Margo and I staked out a great table in front of the pianos. Cherie and Margo snuck out and stamped their own hands. The creepy bouncer saw Margo but she got away!

The Three Illegals

Here, the Illegal three do the "I 3" hand gesture. Notice that only Jenny is doing it correctly as you can clearly see "I" (illegal) and three. Although you could argue that if it's the three illegals, then Margo and Sacco have it right. What are the three illegals, you might ask? We registered for two per room but really had three -- real hooligans, aren't we? That casino sucked plenty of money out of us so no hard feelings there.

The Gangs All Here

I remained in the Piano Bar the whole time and this is where my troubles began, foreshadowed earlier by the "didn't eat much" and "wearing Wonderbra" statements. Eventually the other gals stopped by the Piano Bar long enough to get in and get a hand stamp. Remember, dinner is still happening at the Motown Cafe. Eventually many boxed dinners and the whole gang arrived. In the meantime, I had been drinking and holding down our table.

So now we have our Gaucho team assembled and we're ready to riot. Cherie and Antje made friends with these married guys with an expense account. They bought us lots and lots of drinks. Because this is a family webpage, I won't give a drink count but as everyone knows, delicious adult beverages are most refreshing in large quantities.

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The background is from The Background Gallery. Thanks to Walker for the photos.

Posted: 3.31.00