How To Keep A Lizard Warm in Winter
Yesterday morning I looked at the weather forecast as I was leaving the house and there was a possibility of rain in the evening. I actually considered leaving my raincoat at home. DOH!

I decided to bring it because I’ve learned that in this part of the world, “possibility of rain in the evening” means “possibility of rain in the next 5 minutes.” Sure enough, by 3pm there was a driving mist blowing through town. You’d be surprised by the damage a fast-moving, high-volume mist can cause.

The bus was late and it took awhile for Bob to pick me up when I got to our side of the river so I ended up standing outside in damp clothes/shoes for almost an hour.

At lunch today I’m going to buy myself an expedition weight floor length monsoon-proof parka and turbo-dry self-heating boots. I hate waiting to begin with. Waiting and being cold/damp is my kryptonite.

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