Kiss Me On The Bus
I’m feeling like everything’s on the brink of veering out of control. I have to keep taping notes to the wall and making lists to preserve the illusion that I’ve got it all reeled in. I think I’m mixing my metaphors, but whatever.

I know hearing about people’s dreams is super boring but last night I dreamed (dreamt?) that I bought a grocery store in another state. I met the sellers and wrote them a check. Then I realized I was an idiot because I didn’t even check the financial statements or work out a transition plan and now we owned a business and we had to move and what about Bob’s job? I was so happy when I woke up.

Yesterday I tried an alternate connector bus, just so I can experience the range of options. (Bus backstory here.) I’ve been impressed by how nice everybody is: drivers and passengers. Everybody says good morning and thank you and a couple times there were traffic jams and the bus would take some fancy detour and the riders would all tell the driver what a great job s/he did. I don’t have extensive experience with public transportation but I’m guessing it’s not always like this.

Yesterday, the alternate bus driver was scary. She had bleach-blonde hair and looked as if she’s smoked 400 cigarettes a day for the last 40 years. I knew the route but didn’t know where the stop was so I asked and she sorta jerked her chin down and growled, “Safeway.” The alternate bus runs more often but the stop is about a 20 minute walk from the house. I don’t mind walking but when the weather is horrendous, 20 minutes might as well be 20 hours. We’ll take it one day at a time.

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