Have You Got A Bad Back?
Most weekends have the same rhythm but it surprises me anyway. At first I’m regrouping from the work week and tend to waste a lot of time noodling around, reading, catching up on shows, napping, inventorying the contents of the fridge and making lists of things I should be doing. Then at the end of the weekend I’m doing 150 things at once and can barely finish any of them.

On Saturday morning I did a quick trip to the Farmer’s Market to buy apples and pears. I walked away with two giant canvas bags stuffed with Jonagolds, Honey Crips, Asian Pears, Bartletts, some other giant pears and one giant apple that’s almost as big as my head. I think it’s called a Hamer. I also got some turnips and salad stuff.

I did a move almost identical to one I did two years ago. I carried a bag in each hand and when I got to the car I transferred both into my left hand so I could open the car door and the weight surprised me and dragged my arm down and I pulled a muscle in my back under my shoulder blade. Weirdly, it only hurts when I stand or sit.

It doesn’t bother me when I do yoga and believe me I checked out a wide range of postures including backbends and nary a twinge.

It also didn’t bother me during gardening. And I’m glad I got out there because the forecast shows nothing but grey and wet on the way. I’m going to have to do the big bulb installation in the mud. I don’t mind digging outside if its cool and misty but I hate the mud.

Yesterday one of my main projects was trying to make more shelf space in my room so I can leave my writing projects out in individual easy-to-access piles with all related books and notes together. I cleaned some junk out of my closet and rearranged it and made some progress but still need to paw through some more crap. Technology sure creates a lot of junk. I have all kinds of cables and adapters and plastic widgets and cds that say READ ME FIRST and booklets in 10 different languages. And I’m afraid to throw any of it way.

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