Yesterday we had one final visit from the furnace folks to finish up the clean-up. That’s 5 of my days off in the last month that I’ve had to sit around the house and wait for someone to come to something do the furnace.

He ended up arriving much later than originally expected so once again, things that I planned to do went haywire. He finally left around 4:45p and I wanted to take a walk because it was so gorgeous out. I made it a quick walk and took photos of spiders all around the neighborhood and they mostly came out poorly. I might throw some up on Flickr later. This is the first praying mantis I have ever seen in my yard.

Then I had some food I wanted to cook up with lentils and chard because Bob wasn’t going to be home for dinner and he doesn’t not share my love of greens and legumes and of course it all took longer than expected and I was starving so I ate some chips as a snack, then I made a salad and ate a slice of fresh baked bread. When my chard masterpieces were finally done around 8pm I wasn’t very hungry.

On the bright side: I have delicious lentil chard soup for breakfast. I also have an ambitious list of things to do today so I’ll not linger here.

I have one more quick note. I have these recipes out and I always like it when a recipe says something like : Serve with sour cream if desired.

If desired.

Isn’t the whole cooking exercise because you desire? Would you serve with sour cream if you didn’t desire? Why not say “try with sour cream” or “sour cream is a great garnish”?

“If desired,” sounds funny.

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