Nothing to Post: Just Typing

This is a giant hole in the ground in the center of downtown that will someday be an improved public transportation hub. Right now it’s just a pain in the ass although I make it a point not to take my car anywhere near this area and do the pedestrian thing so it’s not really a pain in my ass.

It rained most of the weekend and most of the night which means standing water on the highway. It rained this morning as I left the house in the dark. So we’ve got dark, driving rain and standing water. What does that equal?

Crazy drivers.

Zipping and weaving between trucks. A van that needed to get from the onramp across three lanes to the fast lane, right now! I don’t know what you’d call it but where I get on the Morrison Bridge I have my own lane, I don’t have to merge. The people already on the bridge have a painted “divider” so they stay in their own lane where it meets mine and then have to change lanes if they want to get in my lane. This morning a guy (in a Subaru! Of course.) drove right over the divider because he wanted my lane and then had to swerve to miss me since (a) it was my lane and I was in it, and (b) the only place I could go is over the rail and into the water. Sheesh, people.

Update on Orhan Pamuk, Snow (further explanation here, books #27, #28 and #29): this was among my few goals for the weekend to finish this book. I only picked it up once, last night and I read one chapter. I also checked the page count and I’m not even halfway. Oof! Is this going to be another Fortress of Solitude? I’m not ready to quit yet. I think I can get through it, possibly practicing some speed reading techniques I learned on some cheesy website. I’m snickering as I write that because speed reading means I skim my eyes over the words with about 3% comprehension. Hannah’s going to send me a note and tell me to quit. I’m so ashamed.

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