A Good Duct Cleaning
 Today we had our ducts cleaned. I remember we had it done when we first moved into this house and we were on track to get it done on the 3-5 year cycle they recommend. Then somewhere along the way we (obviously, I suppose, 3-5 years after we had the first cleaning) started putting it off until next year.

One of the people who serviced the furnace said since we didn’t have pets or kids, we probably could stretch it a bit. I wanted to take care of it this year and when I phoned the new furnace company I got a referral and got them to come out today. Turns out it’s been 9 years which is too many. The guy peeked in one of the vents and exclaimed “yahoo!” as if he’d just discovered the mother lode. “It’s definitely time,” he said. He also came up from the basement with a scrunched up filthy thing which apparently is a filter that we’re supposed to replace regularly.

In my defense: I can’t be in charge of everything.

The vacuum process was louder and there was more activity and it took longer than I remember. But then, I can’t remember anything about 9 years ago. I thought I could get a few things done while they worked but I kept crossing paths with them and eventually gave up and went outside to read.

Now they’ve gone and I’ve started too many cooking projects. I have more applesauce on the stove. I made the Roasted Tomato Soup which is warming. I have cookies half started. I guess I’ll leave the granola for tomorrow. I also want to bake an apple pie this weekend.

In other news I started watching a movie called The Break-Up which was completely dreadful. Was it a romantic comedy? A dramady? It was too silly to be serious and the humor wasn’t funny. Hot babe falls in love with schlumpy guy and works her ass off to create a nice home while all he wants to do is play pool in the living room. I’m supposed to find this entertaining? I quit after 1/2 hour and went back to reading my vampires in high school book which, I’m ashamed to admit, I did find entertaining.

In the midst of the big vacuum, Bob came home. He’s working but had a doctor appointment and thought he’d sneak home for a quick nap before he headed back to school because he’s going to see Sonny Rollins tonight. He left after 15 minutes. He said it wasn’t relaxing.

I have a half a post sitting here that I’m going to try to finish and post for Saturday and then tomorrow will be no computer day.

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