I Want Candy

I know, weather talk is boring. In one place I read that this was supposed to be a mild winter. You know, global warming and all that. The prediction for this part of the world is a terrible winter. Lucky us. Because we’ve had a bad summer and the bad appears to be continuing with unseasonally cool weather all week. Historically, September and October are kickass months here. I should have at least 6 more weeks of open-toed shoes.

 When it’s hot, I don’t have much of an appetite but as soon as the weather cools off, watch out. I’ve been meaning to take a photo of my chocolate collection. I have, I think, 3 boxes of Mozart Kugeln. One opened red box at the office, one opened red box at home, one unopened red box in the freezer plus an unopened box of the round ones in the freezer. This is my favorite candy but I can’t eat them that fast and Bob doesn’t eat them so they are all mine, mine, mine! I also have a box of macadamia nut chocolates from colleague.

Me, modeling my favorite candy, in 2000

He went to Hawaii twice this year and the first box I brought home to share with Bob because he does eat those. Two days after I brought it home, he came to me, head hanging, and said he had a confession to make. There was only one chocolate left in the box. I told him he could have it and when Billy brought me a box (technically, I demanded it) from his second trip, I left it at the office so I could enjoy at my leisure. I just ate one 5 minutes ago. I also still have a gift certificate from Hannah for a pound of See’s Candy.

My point being, I am well stocked on chocolate for now. Mom, Dad – I know they’re a pain to transport but a big tube of Prinzen Rolle would be my first choice. Or a brick of Hanuta. I mean, if you’re hanging around the candy area of Karstadt and thinking of your oldest daughter, that might be an idea of something to bring me from your trip.

What I intended to write about when I started this post was how we might have to turn on our furnace in September if this crapo weather doesn’t take a break. We didn’t like our old furnace company and wanted to switch and this was something that we left on the backburner forever. I finally dealt with it the past week and we now have an appointment set up to get the house power-vac’d and another appointment to get the furnace tuned-up and we’re on the schedule to get our oil tank topped off.

At least we’re prepared.

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