I’d Like to Buy a Bowling Ball

A couple of weeks ago I had a comment on one of my flickr photos. It’s my neighbor’s yard. She uses bowling balls for decoration.

The following is the conversation:

Him: is the one near the bottom right hand corner of the photo a red, white and blue ball by AMF, if so, would you consider selling the ball perhaps?

Me: Hi: You asked about a bowling ball in a photo. It’s not mine, it’s in a neighbor’s yard so I don’t know what kind it is. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

Him: could you do me a favor, could you go to your neighbor and ask about the ball and maybe also ask to see if hey would consider selling the ball?, and where are you folks from?

Me: Sorry I can’t help you.

I don’t know this person I just said hi and commented on her yard. I don’t feel comfortable going over there and telling her someone on the Internet asked to buy a bowling ball.

Him: hi, can you ask your neighbor if its a ball by AMF Voit and red, white, and blue in color and see if they will sell the ball and maybe take a few more photos of it also? where are you guys from and is this your next door neighbor?

Now me commenting : Does this sound like a prank? Like I have nothing better to do than run around the neighborhood helping some guy with his bowling balls?

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